Hyundai Essay Introduction

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Hyundai 's first offerings in the United States were a failure, due to their reliability problems. The Excel and Scoupe sedans often fell apart with low mileage, and had numerous mechanical issues involving transmissions, electrical components, and the engine itself. After not being able to land a substantial chunk of the American marketplace, this South Korean automaker decided to double its efforts, in releasing new vehicles that would offer years of service at a reasonable price. They have reaped these dividends, as their cars are highly rated by automotive publications, and their sales numbers have grown exponentially. You will not hear cackles of laughter when you mention Hyundai vehicles, and models such as their Elantra, have become …show more content…
The kind service manager at the car dealership that was working on my automobile attempted to get me a rental car immediately, but apparently there had been a rental car shortage in Colorado Springs in recent weeks and a car would not be available until about 2:00 p.m. that afternoon. I took my family out to see some of the sights of Colorado Springs while we waited and true to their word, Enterprise Rent A Car called me at exactly 2:00 p.m. to let me know that they had a small SUV ready for me. I headed back towards the dealership and called Enterprise when I was about five minutes away. When we arrived at the GMC garage, the gentleman from Enterprise was there, ready and waiting with a vehicle. He drove us to the Enterprise office located at the corner of Platte and Chelton Avenues. While we went inside to get financial matters taken care of he took the car around back and sprayed it off for us. The staff at the Enterprise office was exceptionally nice, especially Eric, who helped us. We were waited on quickly and everything was handled in an efficient manner. They already had our information from the dealership and even offered us the dealership rate on the rental since we were having our car fixed there. Within fifteen minutes we were on our way in a very comfortable Chevrolet Equinox. Driving the Equinox was a pleasant experience. It was clean, inside and out and drove smoothly. It was great to have a reliable auto for the day that we were without our own vehicle. The next morning Eric called to check in to make sure that everything was going well and the car was working out for us, which it was. That afternoon the service department called us to tell us our car was ready. We drove the Equinox back to Enterprise where we were greeted by name. Eric came

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