Hyten Project Management Case Study

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1) Major problems management of Hyten is facing in accepting project management are:

1) Conflict between project manager and functional manager - There is a conflict of hierarchy between project manager and functional manager. Both have different views in the direction of the project and the quality of work. And one would not agree to other, resulting in conflict.

2) Lack of confidence on the ability of their employees - They hired personnel from outside, in order to lead the projects, not giving a chance to the existing employees. In the other words, since they are not confident of the abilities of their employees, they are look out for personnel outside the organization. This had lead to more talented person leaving the organization.

3) Too many managers : There are too many people to manage the things, spoiling the broth. In the other words, there are many managers to talk to, who have their own way of doing things. This is ultimately hindered the communication process.

4) No communication between Project manager & employee - When an employee works on a project, then
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There will be less competition between the managers, and this will result in employees focusing on productive things instead of unproductive things. It will also result in putting more efforts on project goals collectively. In the other words important tasks will have primary focus and the tasks are completed in an efficient and an effective manner. Secondly, managers need not coordinate in unnecessary work duties instead concentrate on their main job. This will also help in increasing the communication within departments. In the other words, with the formal project management, communication within departments will increase largely. Formal project management means, that all the departments participate in the planning of the projects and will not be any delays or overlapping of the

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