Hypocrisy, But It Is Not Essay

1233 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
We as a colony have suffered much over great amount of time. Almost every reason we have suffered has been due to the British and their fellow loyalists who walk among us. The inflict taxes on us that make it harder to live in this already arduous colony. It takes guts, strength and will to live here unlike back in the pampered villages of England. We must maintain every penny and every square foot of land to help us succeed. I know many of you may see what I’m saying as hypocrisy, but it is not. The British and their actions everyone’s livelihood in this colony and this entire continent, my livelihood rests in the hands of the people just like yours does. With that I ask you to consider this fact, to keep the rights we all have now, to keep our wealth, to keep our land to keep our right to vote, and any other freedoms we may be in possession of from Britain’s tyrannical ruling, I ask you to consider independence from them, as separating from them will be nothing but helpful. I want you to know also this idea isn’t coming from a radical man, it’s coming from one whose family and him have spent years trying to reconcile with Britain, but they have proved to me that thus can’t be done and that is why I’m presenting the idea of independence to you all. Even though many have argued otherwise in this congress, I cannot but express the widespread consensus of the fact that Britain is a tyrannical government to us colonies and even to their own people as is quoted in Thomas…

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