Hypnotherapy Case Study Essay

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For each of the following, explain how you would work with client. Specifically:

1. What information would you gather? 2. What interventions would you use? 3. What problems, if any could you foresee?


Angie is a student from overseas, studying at your local university. Her family are spending a huge amount of their income to get what they believe is the best education. But Angie is struggling. She finds the language difficult, can’t make friends and her confidence has plummeted. She is terrified of returning home without her degree.


Self esteem is the component of a person's personality that dictates how they view themselves. People with healthy self-esteem
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However, the process of dwelling on her fears emphasizes all the times when she failed and after enough repetitions, the pathways leading to memories of success fade, and only the pathways to memories of failure work. Therapy gets Angie to recall successes and brings them to the forefront of her mind. The next time the situation arises, after therapy Angie will able to call up memories of being resourceful and will not run the 'this is how to fail' program.

Believing in succeeding

The treatment is aimed at increasing Angie’s belief in her own capability. Angie has to be convinced that she can change and that she has the capability to do what it is that she wants to do. This part of the therapy focuses on a belief in confidence.

Changing Identity

Therapy will also be directed at changing Angie’s self image. The therapy aims to change all these negative beliefs Angie has about herself. This can be done by metaphor or by a guided visualization

The first thing I would do, is establish exactly what Angie’s problem is and the way that she is feeling. Being foreign she might be coming from a culture where a woman has no say and hence there may be a real clash of cultures. Once I have established more accurately her situation I will begin to ask important questions like,

Questions asked

Why are you so worried?
What do you want to be

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