Essay about Hypertension Is An Ever Increasing Medical Problem

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Introduction: Hypertension is an ever-increasing medical problem. Hypertension is one of the most commonly preventable diseases, the most common prevention being through lifestyle changes. The majority of research is how to and the best way to treat this condition along with several other related diseases. Some studies pertaining to hypertension recently have tested and looked into the idea of exercise and diet as main forms of prevention. This paper will look at the best kind of diet, exercise; the effect exercise has indirectly to effect blood pressure, and some relative results for the effects of each on hypertension. The results will consist of diet and exercise independently and dependently. More specifically, it will be discussed why it is important to apply the knowledge about hypertension to continue the decrease of the disease. My family has a history of heart issues therefore causing extra interest in this subject.
Hypertension could be caused by the imbalance of elevated sympathetic nervous system activation and parasympathetic nervous system impairment (Edwards 2011). This means that the sympathetic or “fight-flight” response is over activating, while the parasympathetic or “rest and digest” response is not activating regularly. Since it does seems that this has an apparent factor in cause of hypertension, it is relevant to try to understand how to control these factors to limit the effect. Although the typical answer when talking about…

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