Hypertension ( Htn ), The Leading Risk Factor For Cardiovascular Disease

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Hypertension (HTN), the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease, remains a national problem (Hanus, Simoes, Amboni, Ceretta, & Tuon, 2015). The prevalence rate of HTN is approximately 1 billion people around the world (Hanus et al., 2015). Moreover, complications from HTN cause an estimated 9.4 million deaths per year (Kjeldsen et al., 2014).
It is important to understand HTN and the negative effects it can cause within the human body as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). Therefore, the family nurse practitioner (FNP) should work to improve the management of HTN in the primary care setting by providing patient-centered education and care. The writer will create a HTN education program designed specifically for African Americans. The project will aim to improve the knowledge of HTN in a local family practice office as well as increase adherence to HTN treatments after providing extensive knowledge. The final project proposal will provide the problem statement, discuss the purpose of the project, review the literature, identify the models and nursing theory used to guide the project, explain the project methodology, analyze the results of the project, and will discuss the significance of the project results as it relates the nursing practice.
Problem Statement
Hypertension affects all races; however, HTN disproportionally affects African Americans (Brown, 2015). African Americans have an increased prevalence rate of HTN (40.4%) compared to their white…

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