Hypertension : High Blood Pressure Essay

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Hypertension A.K.A. High Blood Pressure I picked High Blood Pressure also known as Hypertension for my disease for this assignment. The main reason is because it seems everyone around me has high blood pressure. A coworker has high blood pressure and did not take his medications and ended up having a really bad stroke. I didn’t realize until that happened that it could be as serious as a stroke to people. My husband has high blood pressure and I am on him all the time about taking his medicine. It runs in my family as well, my great-grandmother, my grandmother, and my mom have passed it down. All of them have told me that it started around their thirties. I am almost 33 years old and so far do not have it. They all smoked in their thirties so I think maybe that has something to do with why they ended up with it at that age. Hopefully, I quit smoking early enough so that I can fix any damage that might have started or has been done. Blood pressure is defined in the Understanding Hypertension article as “the force of circulating blood against the inner walls of the blood vessels, and is affected by how hard the heart pumps, the amount of blood in the body, and the diameter of the blood vessels.” The body has lots of different processes that control the heart, blood volume, and vessels. The brain’s receptors regulate how fast and slow the heart beats. Blood volume is controlled by how much urine and salt is excreted and that affects the kidneys. Blood vessels are activated…

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