Hypertension : Education And Screening Of African American Churches

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Aycock, D. M., Kirkendoll, K. D., & Gordon, P. M. (2013). Hypertension Education and Screening in African American Churches. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 30: 16-27. This cross-sectional exploratory study examines assessment and teaching activities in 45 African American churches. These researchers interviewed a representative from each church and recognized that hypertension is a major problem among African Americans in their Community. The researchers concluded that representatives for these African American churches lacking the knowledge of hypertension and its risk factors, and the resources available to promote heart health to their church members. Although this research used a diverse sample of churches representative, the selection was through a convenient sampling method, and cannot be generalized due to the facts that the information only reflects the opinion of one person from each church. The findings in this research indicate that African Americans lack knowledge of hypertension and its risk factors. The researchers suggested that more information is needed by individual or groups to enhance hypertension teaching program among African American churches. This article is interesting, and it serve as a deterrent reminder of the issue in black American community; knowledge deficit on hypertension and the risk factors, and lack of resources for adequate care.

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