Hydroflume Ride Research Paper

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Do you want to experience the world without leaving a comfy seat? Want to experience the hybrid thrill and relaxation of a hydroflume ride? How about visiting the world’s most famed landmarks in time of about 5 minutes? Ride on Journey Around The World to observe our beautiful world in its entirety! This ride is roughly 6600 feet(2011.5 meters) in length and rides at an average speed of roughly 15 miles per hour. To add to that, your hydroflume boat is propelled by the current of water(water is to reduce friction) which is mainly created by gravity and the boat’s own weight, which is also acted on by gravity. At the peak of any given lift in the ride, the potential energy is highest. Therefore, the boat styled car will float on the water and the gravity will also act on the boat, for most of this ride is downhill. This is an example of Newton’s 2nd Law, an object accelerates in the direction of the net force applied to it. …show more content…
The shallow, man-made, metal banked river will be what the boats travel in/on. To add decoration and spice things up, the boats are designed to look like wooden rowboats. The restraint included in the ride is a simple lap belt. As the riders stand on a rotating platform, the platform will drag the boats slowly through the boathouse. Using this rotating design, boats can be placed at intervals in which multiple boats can go on the ride at a time, meaning the waiting line will move very quickly. Then, upon entering the craft and going through the boathouse, the ride starts by going up a conveyor belt lift. A safety feature on the conveyor belt lift is a series of one-way locks that keep the boat from falling backwards. This is very, very similar to the Coal Cracker at Hershey

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