Hydraulic Fracturing Essay

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Cause and Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing Hydraulic Fracturing is the process where millions of gallons of water that contain thousands of chemicals is pushed thousands of feet below the surface of the earth releasing gas, oil and sand from shale rocks (Hydraulic Fracturing Definition.) This chemical-filled water passes through water ways that are vital to life causing millions of animals, plants and humans to be harmed. Fracking is a global issue for citizens but a global success for big companies getting rich off the gas, oil and sand that are our natural resources; the economic benefits are not worth the environmental and health consequences. A large deposit of natural
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When the contaminated water comes up, it seeps into local households’ drinking water, causing a number of harmful consequences to air and water quality, food supply and livestock, health effects, spontaneous explosions and fires, property values, local economy, earthquakes, and the list goes on (Save Colorado from Fracking.) While most of the hydraulic fracturing is happening over shale plates all over the world, In November 2012 Wisconsin started supplying sand for hydraulic fracturing which also poses health risks, but major cash for those who lease their land. With all these consequences from hydraulic fracturing many wonder how the government hasn't stepped in and regulated the fracking companies. Having the "Hallibruton loophole" - named after the first company licensed to practice fracking - allows these companies to be exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and CERCLA since 2005, and has never been forced to publicly disclose the contents of the fluids it uses to fracture wells. This loophole was created when the Bush-Cheney administration can EPA no longer hold the authority to control and regulate hydraulic fracturing (Fracking.) Chris Tucker, a spokesperson for Energy in Depth, (a company that focuses in on research, to educate the public on getting the facts out about the promise and potential of responsibly developing America’s onshore energy resource base) said that

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