Hydraulic Fracking : A Common Method Essay

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I am originally from a small rural community in Ohio which has poor regulation on the air and water quality which humans depend on to sustain life.
Throughout the city, hydraulic fracking has become a common method to obtain energy. This method of obtaining energy is misconceptualized to be a cleaner alternative to oil and coal, however, with a first hand on experience with living in this area allows me to witness otherwise. This city is known as Youngstown, Ohio.
Hydraulic fracking is a process in which metal pipes are drilled miles deep into the ground. This method requires millions of gallons of water and chemicals which are injected into down the pipe thus causing rock layers called shale to break eventually releasing natural gas.
Are you someone who depends on cars to go places, cell phone to text and call, as well as someone who relies on other materialistic technologies? Well, all these require a form of input energy to carry out our daily functions.
There is often common misconceptions about hydraulic fracking as an alternative resource to burning fossil fuels. When it comes to providing for our human demands, people do not take into account of the effects hydraulic fracking has on both the environment and economy. As we develop as a nation, the need for energy continuously rises and we must consider their finite amounts and effects. The government should take more action to regulate hydraulic fracking due to the harm done on the local economy level, effects on…

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