Hurtful Bystander Essay

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Another kind of hurtful bystander is someone who encourages the bully by reacting positively to their actions, like laughing, cheering, or shouting encouragement (Education Development Center, 2008). This kind of bystander is also a bully. By encouraging it to happen, they are participating in the bullying. The more bystanders who do this, the worse it gets. Bystanders who do this should be held to the same standards as the bully when it comes to punishment, because their actions are equally bad. Page 39: Kid Coming in with Fist Faised
Another kind of hurtful bystander is someone who actually joins in once the bullying has been started (Education Development Center, 2008). This does make the child a bully, even if they are not the ones who instigated it. Joining in is just giving more power to the bully who started it, and is much more hurtful to the victim. Page 40: Kids Standing and Watching
The most common bystander is one of the most harmful: those who passively watch the bullying and do nothing about it. These
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They could be pressured into participating in the bullying, worry about talking to someone about it, feel powerless, become victimized, or feel guilty for not helping (Education Development Center, 2008). These are reasons, other than the fact that they are helping someone, are why bystanders should always do whatever they can to stop bullying. Page 46: Adult: “Here is how to be a helpful bystander”
Children can be prepared to be helpful bystanders. Adults can help by telling kids some safe ways to become a helpful bystander and assuring them that they will be supported. They can also tell the children how important it is to be a helpful bystander (Education Development Center, 2008). Educating children on how to be helpful bystanders really can pay off by preventing or stopping many lot bullying

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