Hurricane Matthew Struck And Destroyed Many Villages And Lots Of People 's Lives

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Recently, Hurricane Matthew struck and destroyed many villages and lots of people’s lives in Haiti. Moreover, the hurricane reinforced people’s mind in recovering from natural disasters. Many people are still recovering from the 2010 earthquake. What we learned from the previous experience as mentioned in one article from New York Times, “The lessons of wasted aid, and its duplicative and disorganized delivery, have grounded the government’s belief that what is done this time must be sustainable” (Ahmed, 2016). Based on the situation in Haiti, basic medical care should be considered as a human right. However, the government, organization and international community need to be more helpful, mindful, and careful when giving help to Haiti. It can be achieved by three main aspects: providing basic supplies to people in Haiti, training and educating manpower who work for this community, and creating structure and sustainable system in Haiti.
First and foremost, in order to recover from the natural disaster soon, government, the organization, and the international community need to provide and support clean, free water, food, basic medical care and housing to people who live in Haiti. Hurricane Matthew and the earthquake in 2010 are natural disasters. Many people’s homes were destroyed because of these terrible disasters. We can not avoid them, and it is not anyone’s fault that these happened. However, how humans respond to these disasters is crucial. Basic living supply, such as…

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