Flood Management Plan

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Hurricane Katrina levee’s along the Mississippi River were essentially sturdy and strong; however, the levee constructed to hold back Lake Borgne, Lake Pontchartrain, and the waterlogged swamps and marshes to the city’s west and east were less reliable. Since Hurricane Katrina, it has let other states to observe, verify, and inspect their flood control systems and implanting this catastrophic event if it happened in their cities. Sacramento has implemented and introduces an overhauling flood management plan that is costly, but has shown many benefits and insures safety for the citizens. The Folsom dam was completed by Engineers from the United Sates Army Corps in 1956 creating the Folsom lake in the process. Based on the California Department …show more content…
In regards to U.S Army Corps of Engineers, this auxiliary spillway will provide a greater support for the protection of the safety of people and the environment. The project is an approximately $900-million efforts between the United States Department of the interior, Bureau of Reclamation, and the U.S Army Corps of Engineers acquire a 200-year level of protection. This spillway will include a channel with the approximation of 1,100 feet in length that will funnel water from the lake into the spillway. Also a control structure with six submerged gates that will be controlled in coordination with the gates on the main dam to manipulate the water distortion which will make water flow run efficiently slower in order for it to not overflow. The last mission that Joint Federal Project will accomplish is creating a stilling basin that will act as an energy distributor. In the article,” Folsom Dam Modification Project Approach Channel...,”it verifies a few negative impacts in regards about some of the missions. Increasing the storage of water will result in permanent adverse impacts 11.5 acres of waters of the United States and the loss of 15.8 acres of habitat. Including mobilization of existing sediment and the introduction to gas and oil into the reservoir. However, like most beneficial needs, there are several sacrifices that must

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