Hurricane Katrin A Devastating Hurricane Essay

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Intro: Hurricane Katrina is an important event in history because it was a devastating hurricane that, damaged parts of the United States, the Federal government were unprepared, what has FEMA Changed to be more prepared? What happened after Hurricane Katrina hit?
Thesis: Hurricane katrina caused damages to the united states and the United states was affected by the impact of the storm.
Hurricane Katrina a devastating storm also known as a tropical depression that hit the Gulf Coast caused many destruction. Katrina was formed around 200 miles southeast of the Bahamas on August 23, 2005, as a tropical depression, according to the NOAA. A band of storm clouds began to wrap around the north side of the storm 's circulation center around the eye of the storm during the morning of August 24.winds were about 40 mph becoming a tropical storm Katrina and later named Hurricane Katrina after it became a hurricane and caused much damage to the United States. August 23, 2005 meteorologists were able to warn people on the coasts and evacuations were underway. August 25th the Tropical Storm Katrina hit 50 mph making it a category 1 hurricane as it traveled across the Atlantic and hit the Florida Coast as a category 1 with winds at 80 mph, where it knocked out the power to the entire region and 13 inches of rain poured down. Governor Jeb Bush declares state of emergency.
August 26 the White house sends the National Guard to the gulf coast to prepare for the storm as it…

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