Hurricane Katrin A Destructive Storms On Earth Essay

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Hurricane Katrina was one of the most catastrophic hurricanes to ever hit the United States. A hurricane (also called Cyclones in other parts of the world) is a powerful, tropical storm spiral that results from low pressure systems. They are commonly found in tropical areas like around the equator. They are rain wrapped storms that cause massive amounts of damage to coast lines it comes in contact with. Hurricanes are one of the most powerful and destructive storms on earth. When you see one coming on the news, you begin to wonder; how are they formed? Just how destructive are they? How are they categorized?
Hurricanes are much like tornadoes, but they are formed over water. They have what is called “the eye” just like a tornado. Hurricanes waters need to be at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit and have tropical disturbance to begin formation (National Geographic ). They use warm, moist air as fuel to move across the ocean waters toward land. The warm air rises and causes an area of lower air pressure (Erickson). High air pressure from surrounding areas pushes in to the low pressure area, and the new air becomes warm and moist then begins to rise. The cycle continues over and over again as the storm moves. As the warm air rises and the evaporated ocean water turns to rain clouds. The wind begins to spin the clouds and the storm begins to increase in intensity (Erickson). This drastic increase in intensity is how they categorize each hurricane as the storm gets closer…

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