The Benefits Of Hunting

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Have you always wondered where your meat came from? Well that is why you should hunt for your food instead of buying food from walmart.
People have been hunting many types of animals for thousands of years and almost every time someone shoots a deer or bear or any other animal all the hard work really does pay off when that meat is in a person’s freezer. Another plus about hunting is hunters get to choose how you want the food made. There is thousands of different ways to make your food and you get do it yourself to if you know how to. And after all that work you now have food to last you several months.
Lately there has been a lot of recalls on processed meat because it contains ecoli. When buying meat from big stores you don’t know where
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If you want to buy a gun or bow there is two ways you can take when buying one them. You can take the cheap way or the expensive way. That’s the easiest way I can describe it. Guns and bows can be very cheap then people can also put a lot of money into what they want. There is nothing wrong with buying a cheap gun especially when it comes to muzzle loaders because there is nothing to them. What I mean by that is they are simple and there is not a lot of parts to worry about breaking. Now if you were going to get a semi auto shotgun for slug hunting or waterfowl hunting you might want to buy a gun that’s worth a little more because semi autos have more parts that could break so you want a gun that is dependable to use and will not jam on you when hunting . This is why I wanted to tell you about this because when it comes to hunting there is many things to hunt and there is many ways to hunt game also because for example some people may not like to go waterfowl hunting so what do they do then. Well they just don’t do that and find something that fits them better. Hunting is also fun because when you go to a store to buy processed meat you may not always find what you want. Like yes you sometimes have a good selection of food, but If you hunt it is up to you on what you want your food made into. You get to decide if you pick what season to hunt and get to do stuff on your own time. Next when hunting, you get to travel places and see what nature is all about. I think it is fun sitting in the treestand deer hunting and listening to birds and other animals around me. And about traveling when I go deer hunting I hunt on private land 50 miles south of Sioux City by two towns named Little Sioux and Pisga. It is about a 1 hour and 45 minute drive from Little Rock and I get to see cool things when I go down there . It is one of the best things about hunting because of all of the scenery that a person can see. Now

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