Slaughterhouses Vs Hunting Essay

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For millennia, humans and animals alike have hunted for prey animals. However, with the recent advances in the world, hunting is not necessary. Domesticated animals such as cows and pigs are herded to supply the populous with a sustainable meat supply. Hunting still remains, and so do domesticated slaughterhouses, so which is more ethical? Hunting, although seeming less ethical, is actually better than slaughterhouses, as the hunter chooses how he kills the animal, and gets closer to nature, and the wild animals have better lives. Hunters are on the decline, and slaughterhouses are on the rise, leading to mass, mechanized executions. The killing of the animals in slaughterhouses is routine. Mechanized machines do everything, leading to an …show more content…
They gain a connection to nature, and a desire to experience nature. Slaughterhouses are often in urban areas, whereas hunting takes place in rural areas. A hunter must include himself in the ecosystem, and enshroud themselves in nature. A hunter also has hours if not days, of preparation for the hunt in which they must be made to experience nature. Setting up stands, planting food plots, filling feeders, and cutting lanes all require the hunter to engulf himself in nature. Rick Bass describes this in his essay “Why I Hunt”. Bass says “Rather it is the terrain itself that summons the hunter.” (Rick Bass) Sometimes, hunting is not pursued with the sole purpose of killing a big game buck, or killing something for fun, although sometimes it is. Nonetheless, along the way, very few can escape from nature's influence. Natures raw beauty, still tranquility, and pure, untainted silence bring even the most city dwelling people to tranquility and meditation. The slaughterhouses aren’t pretty in this way. They are filthy, covered in blood and excrement; a true place of sorrow. Truly, slaughterhouses are a mass execution site, and mass grave. No one wakes up and wants go to a slaughterhouse, however, many wake up and aggressively seek out nature. Nature is a place for freedom, for birth, for prosperity, and for death. However, slaughterhouses are the very embodiment of sorrow and misery, bringing shame and death to

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