Hunting Popularity : The Sport Of Hunting Essay

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Hunting Popularity

Hunting isn 't a popular sport to some people, but for others they hunt all the time. Some people don 't like killing animals because they think it is wrong, for other people they like it for a sport, hobby, and for other reasons. Some people do it for fun and some for meat. There are many reasons people hunt. The sport of hunting could be different in many people 's eyes. Some even think it 's not a sport at all. But for some people they see it as a sport for many reasons, like how there are regulations just like football, soccer, or golf. You can 't just go killing everything in sight. Some people go for the trophy kill like a huge buck or bull, but that puts a bad name for hunting when people say they just hunt for racks people think that we don 't eat the meat or just kill for fun. It 's not though, there is just a special feeling you get when you see that huge buck you 've been chasing and then you actually shoot it. When you kill it you get such a good feeling, like say your school football or golf team make it to state that 's a great feeling. When you work hard in sports and make it to state you get a banner or trophy. It goes the same for hunting the deer mount is the prize at the end of hard work. Not everyone is just looking for mounts though.
There are some people that hunt to fill their fridge with meat. Say during bow season in Iowa you are hunting whitetail deer and you get one any sex tag and as many doe tags as you want so a lot of…

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