Hunting Is Wrong Or Not? Essay

1819 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 8 Pages
Hunting is much more than going out into the woods and shooting an animal for the fun of it. A hunter steps into the woods to harvest an animal for food and to keep the population numbers at a healthy level, so they can thrive. Keeping population numbers under control is key to those animals survival. Hunting is thousands of years old and is a past time and tradition that continues to bring harmony. Venison is some of the healthiest meats in America. For certain people hunting is their career or is involved in their career. Without hunting animal populations can have more of a negative effect on themselves. Along with hunting there are many benefits to it. People need to see the benefits of hunting and not bash it because they don’t believe it is right. Open your eyes and see hunting from a different perspective. Most anti-hunters argue hunting is bad because of moral reasons. It doesn’t matter if you believe hunting is morally wrong or not; hunting needs to take place in order for the conservation of our wildlife. Animals will begin to suffer more if hunting were to be banned. Without hunters controlling the populations, over-population will being to occur. Diseases will spread quicker, due to more interaction between animals. There will be more animals fighting over the same food sources. Which can result in not having enough food or the food source could completely deplete, leading to starvation. Both of these can be slow and painful deaths. It doesn’t…

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