Hunting Is The Act Of Tracking Or Wildlife For A Source Of Food Or Sport

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Hunting is the act of tracking or trapping wildlife for a source of food or sport (Hunting). It began at least 2 million years ago with the world 's earliest ancestors. This event has been around for a variety of generations, and is said to be a type of tradition, ritual, and, or bonding experience for families everywhere. Hunting not only benefits the ecosystem and economy, but it also helps with the population control of wild animals.
Many people say that hunting is bad because hunters kill off wild animals and cause them to go extinct, but that is not necessarily true. Hunters actually keep the population of wild animals at a steady pace. If people did not hunt, it could cause over population. This would then lead to fewer resources for the wild animals. Because of overpopulation, resources would dry out and cause many animals to starve and possibly die. Therefore, killing a deer or any other type of wild life actually benefits the ecosystem. If “game” exceed their biological carry capacity, the maximum population size, that population will die from a lack of food, also causing pregnant females to have fewer offspring (Arguments). Also, in California there is seasonal hunting, so the animals have the time to reproduce and hunters can not harvest female deer, or and sex of fawn, unless that deer has 3 points on its antlers. Hunting also reduces human and deer conflicts such as car and deer collisions (Arguments). It keeps these wild animals at bay. In Yosemite National…

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