Hunting For A Big Trophy Essay example

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Hunting is often portrayed purely as a form of sport or the quest for a big trophy. But what most people do not acknowledge is that it does much more for the human population in general. Hunting provides us with the resources that allow us to live comfortably. Not only does it do this, but it provides health to our environment as well as our economy. Hunting large game plays a vital role in the protection of our people, our resources, and the animals themselves. To begin, the killing of large animals provides humans with an array of different products that we use in our everyday life. The remains and left over portions from an animal can be sent to rendering plants where they are turned into substances that produce shellac, plastics, adhesives, and paint (What Is A Rendering Plant?, n.d.). The fur and hide from the animal killed can be used in clothing, such as fur coats, mittens, and much more. Leather from the hide can be used for clothing as well. For example, large alligators that are harvested make as many as four pairs of boots, twenty to thirty belts, three clutch handbags, and four-to-five wallets (Hill, 2014). Leather and animal skins can be used to make boots, horse tack, wallets, chaps, belts, purses, couches, hats, vests and much more. Some large game such as white-tailed deer, moose, elk, caribou and mule deer have horns, which can be used for a variety of household décor items such as toilet paper holders, towel racks, chandeliers, coffee mug holders, napkin…

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