Hunting Dogs Should Not Be Banned Essay

1901 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 8 Pages
For many years in the south, dog hunters have had to fight for their right to hunt whitetail deer using dogs. The people who are against whitetail deer hunting with dogs are people who are being and have been affected by the activity. The arguments made by the people outside of the hunting clubs all virtually have the same ideas. These ideas are based particularly on dog abuse, trespassing by both dogs and hunters, and the reckless behavior some hunters possess. As rural communities continue to grow in population and more out of state land owners move in, the problems with dog hunting seem to grow as well. The citizens outside of dog hunting see all of the negative actions that are brought about. The only way that the outside people can think of a solution is outlawing the activity for good. The hunters that are part of the dog hunting clubs want to keep the activity alive. They have many ties and supporting ideas that help keep the hunts from being outlawed. Most of these hunters have a perspective of how it affects the outside world. They continuously help to ensure safe and ethical practices are put into play to reduce negative outcomes and ultimately cut out all problems. What most people see who have no real input on the argument is what they are told from just one side of the groups involved. This does not give an accurate understanding of the problem at hand. Knowing the specific arguments and ideas of how dog hunting is used can give an accurate perception of how the…

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