Hunter Gatherers Migrated From Asia Essay

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Between 40,000 and 12,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers migrated from Asia to the Americas. They began migrating all over the americas. The North American cultures were less developed than those in South America and Mesoamerica, but the people of North America did establish complex societies. Some of these societies were able to organize long-distance trade and create magnificent buildings. The land from Oregon to Alaska was rich in resources. The most prime of these resources was the sea. Some tribes hunted whales using 15 person canoes. As well as the sea, the coastal forest also provided many different foods. In some coastal tribes families showed their wealth by hosting elaborate ceremonies called potlatch. In the ceremony the host family would give food, drink, and gifts to the community. Away from the coast life was not as easy. A people to the north called the Anasazi built impressive cliff dwellings. Some of which are located in Mesa Verde, Colorado. These dwellings were constructed on top of mesas in shallow caves in the walls of deep canyons. The Anasazi were living in pueblos, villages of large, apartment-style compounds made of stone and adobe. Even though the pueblos were amazing many were abandoned around 1200. The reason for this was probably because of a lengthened drought. Beyond the Great Plains, in the woodlands east of the Mississippi River, other ancient peoples- the mound builders- were crafting their own unique traditions. They would bury their dead in…

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