Why Start-Ups Fail Research Paper

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Introduction: The statement itself explains why start-ups fail to run a long successful stint. They are either falling short of resources or are severely bashed by established administrative companies. In the era where the memory stint of a particular product in a customer’s mind is too small, these start-ups have to focus on introducing new tactics every time so that the next wave of copy cats feel impossible to share the market. Penetration is not the only question, it’s about how well are these ideas used for those areas. Having a product idea is not itself sufficient to lure people into believing that what they are buying is worth every dime paid. Youngsters coming up with these ideas fail to understand a simple fact that apart from introducing …show more content…
Once the idea is initiated, in the process of getting into the market, entrepreneurs lose sight of what they actually started with in the first place. This leads to failures and major damages to most of the ventures.
For an idea to be successful, adapting to the varied needs and requirements of the market, while keeping in mind the vision and the mission statements of the company without losing ones’ integrity in the process needs to be taken care of.
Through the first few years of the journey, it’s going to be a dangerous terrain on which one would walk, this is only because proving to the world about ones capabilities and leaving a mark in the world is no easy task and requires many sleepless nights with many new and improving ideas, most of them rather being impromptu ones.
The world is being pretty generous with start-ups these days since the number of entrepreneurial entries have increased manifold in the recent times and these entries have proven to be very successful in taming the market.
Whatsapp created a huge new market across the globe and was sold for a whopping $19 billion to Facebook. Such start-ups are creating a rave in the global markets and make very good success stories

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