Hunger Of Memory By Richard Rodriguez Essay

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In this day in age we are all mutts mixed with various nationalities and roots. At some point in your life your culture doesn’t seem clear. You realize that you are from the United States but you don’t speak English instead you speak Spanish. When you start school you are different you are viewed from classmates as stupid since you go to bilingual classes; Finally you get out of bilingual classes and you feel intelligent and accomplished but now your Spanish starts fading away not on purpose but because your main language is English. Richard Rodriguez’s book Hunger of Memory depicts his own childhood being of Hispanic decent and details his educational experiences. Rodriguez states that his success in education is due to his parents. The reasons of his success is more portrayed as an emotional struggle that involves anger and isolation which correlates to education. Rodriguez from a start emphasizes himself as being a scholarship boy and continues so to show the difference between comfort and discomfort throughout the text. His need of wanting social approval shines light to the matters of not having an opinion and feeling guilt for unintentionally losing his roots, but such drive and views got Rodriguez where he is at today.
Rodriguez’s placement in English classes as a child affected him in the emotional factor. This is due to the fact that a child is raised and taught by family. Later to drastically change from parents teaching to total strangers teaching. It’s the…

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