Hunger Games Essay

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The Hunger Games


Utopia- paradise, heaven Dystopia- apocalypse/hell Entrails- internal parts Reap- harvest Apothecary- doctor Iridescent- play of colours Paraffin- waxy, flammable Tessera- token from capitol (year of grain) Meagre- thin Racketeer- criminal Sustenance- support, nourish Tribute- payment Repentance-regret, sorrow of sins Treason- betray Synonymous- alike

The Hunger Games

Chapter 1

1. What is the reason for the Hunger Games? The reason for the Hunger Games is to remind all the Districts of what had happened to District 13 whom decided to rebel against the capitol. They hold a "reaping" every year and they send them to
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Chapter 2

1. What is Katniss' connection to Peeta?
Katniss’ connection to Peeta is when, after her father's death, Katniss and her family are on the verge of starvation. One night, desperate for food, Katniss walks past the bakery that young Peeta's family owns. Peeta's mother shoos her away, but Peeta "accidentally" drops bread, burning it and making it unusable. Being told to throw it away, Peeta gives it to Katniss
2. What are the differences in volunteering between districts? Why?
Some districts have a lot more volunteers then others. In district 12 there are hardly ever any volunteers for the hunger games, so it is mostly allowed. In the higher districts it is done a lot, so they would have to limit how many, and who can volunteer for the hunger games.
3. Why does seeing the dandelion after her father's death give Katniss hope?
He taught Katniss how to prepare and make food for the family and rationalize and thus seeing the dandelion after her father's death gave Katniss hope.
4. Explain the sacrifice that Katniss is making.
She’s leaving her beloved little sister with her mother when she’s suffering in a difficult time and she didn’t want Prim to be in the Hunger Games because she didn’t know the basic skills of killing and surviving outside the comfort zone like Katniss does.
In a brief paragraph (6-7 sentences), summarize the significant events from Chapter 2-
Primrose Everdeen is selected as tribute. Katniss rushes to

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