Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins Essay

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Imagine yourself trapped beneath a glass bowl placed upside down on the kitchen table. Now, imagine that there are other people in there with you trying to kill you while all of your close family and friends are forced to sit around the table and anxiously watch you fight for your life. Those are the appalling images that come into my head when I think of the Hunger Games. When The Hunger Games, based off of the first book in the Hunger Games Saga written by Suzanne Collins, was released in March 2012, it dominated the box office. Although I thought that the movie was absolutely FANTASTIC, as a reader of the Hunger Games Saga, I was disappointed in what was left out. We all know that rewriting a book into a motion picture will result in the loss of some minor characters, some dialogue being taken out, and a few scenes being deleted. However, I think that the Hunger Games lost too many of those important features which made the movie less engaging for people that have read the book as opposed to people who are seeing the movie for the first time.
Suzanne Collins, author of the book, The Hunger Games, also contributed in writing the movie. When Collins was a child, her father was fighting in Vietnam. During an interview with Rick Margolis, Collins says that she remembers watching the television with her old siblings and seeing videos of the war come on TV. Collins said that her inspiration for writing the Hunger Games came from this hard time in her life. Collins thinks that…

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