Essay about Hunger And Malnutrition : The Global Hunger Index

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Hunger, in terms of physical conditions, is easy to describe. It is the feeling of an empty ache in the pit of one 's stomach. Hunger is characterized by mild to severe contractions of stomach muscles, also known as hunger pangs. The definition of hunger, as stated in lecture, is the uneasy or painful sensation caused by lack of food which ultimately leads to several forms of malnutrition. Malnutrition generally indicates an inadequacy in the intake of some or all nutritional elements necessary for human health and survival. Although, there is no universally accepted gold standard measurement of malnutrition due to the fact of confounding and interrelated factors associated with malnutrition, there are several ways to measure hunger and malnutrition using health indicators/indices. The three most commonly cited and utilized indices are: Index of Undernutrition (utilized by the FAO), the Global Hunger Index (utilized by the International Food Policy Research Institute), and HungerFREE Scorecard (utilized by ActionAid). According to Larson and Mercer (2004), any health indicator used internationally to describe global health must be defined in such way that it can be measured uniformly on an international level, it must have statistical validity, the index must be data that can feasibly be collected, and finally the indicator should provide information that is useful to decision makers and can be acted upon at various levels (such as public health institutions). All three…

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