Definition Essay-What If Comedy Was Funny

What if Comedy Was Funny So much of todays comedy lacks depth and creativity, however good comedy is much more. There are many things that make me laugh, from the simple and silly, to the deep and thought provoking. Comedy is a large part of my life and brings me joy in its many forms. When it comes to what is the best comedy, I often ask myself why what I think is funny, is actually funny. The best comedy is comedy that is insightful, with a unique perspective and can be an effective way of communicating with people on a deeper level. To anyone who has heard a good comedian, they know the power of timing! Like all communication the way something is said has a great effect on how it is received, often more than what is actually said. A good comedian is someone who has mastered the art of timing and giving a message weight and punch. We’ve all seen or heard a great joke, but then we try to tell it to someone, and no one laughs. The joke lacks something, a life, a sincerity. Humor is one of the most amazing forms of communication! It is a true gift, it can bring together and unite people; and can give a speaker with a powerful platform on which he can grab his audience 's attention. …show more content…
Comedy, unlike other forms of speaking allows for very unique perspective into our world and times. Whether it 's to criticize or to praise, tackling topics with humor is a great way of showing things for what they are or what they should be. Comedy is also amazing exaggeration, taking an idea and emphasizing what the speaker wants to tell the world. This makes humor a great way of sharing ideas, as comedy makes us feel good and thus we are drawn to you and what you have to

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