Essay on Humans Must Protect Endangered Species

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Humans should do more to preserve endangered animals
The extinction of animals and plants is a natural process that has caused species to come and go, throughout history. Whereas, this natural extinction is no longer in nature’s control, but is manipulated by humanity, thus increasing the extinction rate of species abnormally. However, this does not mean that the extinction of species cannot be repaired. If every human being makes an effort to save the endangered species, they can be preserved. Humanity’s prosperity, health and advancement, all is dependent on these, species. Elimination of endangered species can lead to the ultimate death of humans. Without nature and its inhabitants, humans risk losing all the benefits they have to contribute to the planet. Likely, not saving the extinct species can cause a negative effect, on them, other species and on the planet. Therefore, humans must attempt to save all the species that are either endangered or at the risk of extinction.
Humanity must protect endangered species because, their well being ensures the health of ecosystems, and protects the balance of the food- chain. Saving the species also allows people to preserve their medical benefits. Firstly, humans are contingent upon plant and animal species for medical resources. Experts have proclaimed “the rainforest [as the] ultimate chemical laboratory […]. This makes rainforest [and its inhabitants, to be] an excellent reservoir of medicine and chemical templates, with…

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