Essay on Humans Are Selfish Or Not Becomes A Controversey

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As time goes on, the question of whether humans are selfish or not becomes a controversey and is widely disscussed. After reading true stories of unfortunate situations and observing many reaserches, it all becomes clear that mankind is greedy and will do anything to benefit themselves. Authors such as;Charles Montgomery, Todd Schwartz, Richard Lemiux and John Chapman knew this all along and that is why they chose to share their eye-opening stories and research with the public. In any time of need an individual is forced to resort to do things necessary for help like seeking help or even begging. While down in the dumps, a man by the name of Richard Lemieux had to eventually start begging on the streets and he soon realized that humans aren’t always so comforting or there for you in a time of need. Throughout his time in the streets more and more, people refuse to help him when they can. It really is upsetting to know that a young wealthy man pulling out of a fancy car won’t even give a poor man a couple of dollars or maybe even a ride to where they need to be. Is all hope really lost to the point where we can’t even depend on our fellow neighbors for some assistance? At the end of Lemieux’s agrivating story, some old lady ends up helping him and Lemieux’s reaction is extremely humble and admirable. Does it really take the seventh person to help out? Does it really take a dying old lady to get some money? Yes, it has come doewn to this and people will always care for their…

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