Humanization In George Ritzer's The Mcdonalization Of Society

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Society today has primarily become McDonalized in its way of thinking and doing everyday activities. According to George Ritzer, in his book The Mcdonalization of Society, he believes that McDonalization is “the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as of the rest of the world.” ( ). McDonalization is a way of life. It effects not only the food industry, but also healthcare, education, the workplace and almost everything else we do. The reason for this is because society is becoming fast pace and there is a need for efficiency, calculability, predictability and control. Since society is fast paced, there is no time for traditional ways of doing things. People are stuck on this new way of thinking, McDonalization. …show more content…
In the fast-food industry, people benefit in all areas. With the availability of fast food chains around the world people can do less work, use spare time efficiently, get more for less and know what exactly to expect when they sit down to eat something. McDonalds is very efficient for today’s society. People do not have the time to make a filling meal for a family. Going to McDonalds for dinner, they know they are able to stop on the way home from work, go in and order from a limited list, in which they know the food will taste the same every time. Customers know how much they are going to spend on good tasting food that will satisfy them every time. People get a fulfilling meal and it will take less time than just preparing a home cooked meal. Although McDonalds in not the healthiest food to eat, it is most efficient, predictable, calculable, and a controllable way to dine. But, beside fast food restaurant, health care/ hospital is also use

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