Essay on Humanities as a Whole

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Simone Smith Essay #1 My Hero November 3, 2012 Humanities 1301 Ms. Alexander

I had never really thought about who was my hero until now and I had to reflect on my past. Looking back over the years I guess I must have taken a lot for granted. I have been lucky because I have a lot of people around me that have helped to enrich my life. The one person, who stands out to me, is my grandmother she really was and still is my hero. As I reflect on good times and bad times, she always seem to be there with words of encouragement and with words I may have not wanted to hear, but she always steered me in the right direction. My grandmother was a woman who wise and good natured and so full of energy,
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My grandmother grounded in her faith, joined the church to keep positive and provide a safe environment for her children. The church became her rock of salvation. At this point she knew she had to stand strong and overcome any obstacles in her way. My grandmother embraced her new surrounding and understood she would be alone raising her children. In 1952 she met a man and married and gave birth to her last child, so now she had a complete family, a home and God by her side. She grew wise through the years as her family grew, but she always longed to return home to Mississippi. In the next twenty years she worked hard and she was injured on the job, she had multiple back surgeries, which caused her great pain. She divorced, but still pushed on instilling positive values and good work ethic in her children. My grandmother knew that family was ultimately to key to success, the key to overcoming any obstacle, so she pushed on. In 1975 she returned to Mississippi, where she built a house on the family land, she had finally returned to her childhood surroundings. She cared for her mother and father as they grew old and she began to care for her grandchildren and instill all those same positive ethics and values. After returning home she lost her mom and dad, not knowing this this would be one of the biggest challenges she would face. My grandmother believed in family as I had stated

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