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Humanities could be described as the blend of history, culture, mythology, literature and art in some cases. It establishes the past, the present, and the future, life, and destiny of society. With humanities, we are able to discover how life and all humanity became of existence and evolve over time. Humanities can assist people in different cultures and ethnic backgrounds to recognize, understand, and establish the meaningful modifications of American history. It seems as if society has become entirely dependent on visible consumption and leisure and is being denied of how we truly evolved into the existence of today. The lessons that we learn throughout our lives are
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That is the thing with humanities. It shows us and teaches us how to appreciate how society has evolved. Some people today may think that their life is rough. Imagine how the people felt thousands of years ago. They never had the items we have today, such as advanced technology, the internet, television, radios, etc.
Art has evolved over time. When it first started, there wasn’t really a technology; it was just hand painted or hand sculpted by an artist. With today, art can be produced by a press of a button. For example, one could make a collage of photographs within minutes, to whereas it would take someone days or months even years to finish a piece of art.
Music in early centuries was mainly created for a sense of entertainment for royalty. In today’s society, you can use the technology we have and download it from some other individual that lives half way around the world. It can be used as a way of expression. We hear a variety of genres. They talk about love, loss, sadness, anger, etc. I use music as a relaxation tool. I listen to the varieties of music depending on how my moods are or how I am feeling that day.
Architecture has definitely evolved over time. It has evolved from circular and square buildings made of stone and wood to any shape you can imagine made from steel to spider silk. With the creation of architecture, it gave society the opportunity to create

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