Humanities 370 Notes Essay

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EVENT: Black Vace newspaper – in the library 2pm on Friday 4/27 Donations to PFAU library.

HBCU – groups all over the world to come together.
• Mixed races – either intentional or unintentional. o Mulatto – ½ black (this is an offensive term which the root word is mule) o Quadroon – ¼ black o Octoroon – 1/8 black

Video – Fisk singers and early white gospel video
• Literacy was a problem – acapella singing.
• Gospel – “Good news”
• Fisk = HBCU in 1866
Video: the history of gospel music 02
• In the African heritage it had to be the music, the preacher and the religious. o Had to be the preacher and the response
• Music was to be free but then brought Christianity which was pulled out from that they say.
• Involving
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Minstrel – they made from Italians, Asians, Germans and different races not just African culture.

Video: The early minstrel show
First black professional:
• Othello play a vileness character that actually gets back at them.
• Richard III

Guest speaker: Jazz instructor - Professor Knot
- Blues – Popular music 1900-1930
European system of music v. African music system
• intellectual
• organized
• Aural
• rhythmic
American music combined the two – make jazz (originally Jass)
• Drum set is American invention
Blues – no exact day when it started
• Starts to develop around the end of the civil war and move across to the 20th century
• Came from poems that turned into words to sings, repeating words was what was the most important to them o A is call B response to their music. Ex. A, A, B Form
• Came from the south like Mississippi delta, Louisiana, etc.
• Music down there is home grown and did not hear music unless you have electronics so they made it themselves.
• Vocal tradition o Comes from call and response – slaves working singing o Encompasses all the emotions associated with downtrodden feelings – work, relationship, hardship o Guitar – accomplishment
• Rural o Originates in Mississippi delta o Guitar/vocal with uneven structure o Lyrics changing with each performance depending on mood, creativity of

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