Humanitarian Services And Aid Organizations Essay

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Only a few years ago, the idea of preserving education as a central part of all humanitarian efforts was but an afterthought in the minds of aid workers. Nicolai and Triplehorn (2003) state that it was the 1990 's when this crucial truth that education is the right of every child finally germinated and became the soul of humanitarian aid. This demonstrates the high degree of significance and worth that humanitarian aid organizations now place on continuing education in war-ravaged societies today. According to Treffgarne (2004) emergency education is rapidly increasing and the author properly believes that the escalating importance of education in countries in the midst of chaos not only is transforming governmental and non-governmental humanitarian agencies, but is also revolutionizing how donors give to groups and organizations and to whom they give their financial resources. Yet, even though the plight of displaced youth in the center of war has significantly improved in the approaches of humanitarian service and action, the call to advocate for enhanced support for educating war-affected populations endures and should resound louder than ever. It remains a hard fought battle, and the educational needs of uprooted children are still insufficiently funded. Treffgarne (2004) also submitted the very powerful example of the civil war in Southern Sudan. It was estimated that during the last few years of that civil war, as little as 0.7 percent of children of school-age…

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