Essay about Humanitarian Intervention ( Un ) Charter

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Humanitarian intervention in today’s modernized society has turned away from the idea of “maintaining peace in the world” and has instead turned towards a way for westernized countries to maintain their power and influence in the world. Humanitarian intervention has been criticized for abuse of the system, selectivity of missions, and the idea that it may not even work. Instances such as the Rwandan genocide, the issue of Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia, and the Sudan crisis are all examples of the misuse of the idea of humanitarian intervention. It has been defended as being a way to enact the United Nations (UN) Charter and instills an enforcement of the idea of common humanity. However, this notion leads to the debate on what constitutes humanitarian intervention and brings about the problem of how bad a crisis needs to be in order for countries to intervene. This essay will focus on key instances where humanitarian intervention has failed.
Humanitarian intervention can be defined as, “the principle that the international community has a right/duty to intervene in states which have suffered large-scale loss of life or genocide, whether due to deliberate action by its governments or because of the collapse of governance.” The UN is a key player across the globe. Ideas of classical peacekeeping are based on Chapter VI of the UN Charter and involves the establishment of a UN force, under UN command, to be placed between the parties of dispute after a ceasefire (PG. 310).…

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