Humanitarian Intervention : An Effective Solution Essay examples

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In this essay I will be arguing that although non-intervention is understood as a norm in the field of international law, there are circumstances when humanitarian intervention is necessary in order to respond to serious abuse- such as when a state commits crimes or inflicts abuse upon their own citizens. (Baylis, Smith and Owens 479) Through explanation and analysis of the policies and processes of the United Nations, I will then be presenting arguments, involving the topics of human rights and moral duties, as to why humanitarian intervention is not only an effective solution, but also necessary at times. I will also examine a few of the common arguments against humanitarian intervention and go on to explain why they are invalid and flawed in nature. From there, I will draw my final conclusions in regards to the use of humanitarian intervention; how it should be used and managed in order to ensure the highest chance of effectiveness.

The concept of humanitarian intervention is wildly controversial. International law is made up with principles of sovereignty and non-intervention, as sovereign states are supposed to be responsible for the security of their citizens. However, when state governments begin to abuse their citizens through genocide or other forms of harm- that is when the practice of humanitarian intervention must be debated by the United Nations. It is at this point that the United Nations must reconsider their non-intervention policies. Should the sovereign…

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