Humanistic Perspective On Humanistic Perspectives Essay

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Humanistic Perspective

There are a total of 9 perspectives in the psychology field. The major perspectives are Psychoanalytic, Behavioral, Humanistic, Cognitive, Neuroscience/Biopsychology, Evolutionary, Socio-cultural, and Interactionist. Each of the perspectives has their own way of telling their theories to define human nature. After learning all psychological perspectives, I’m very much on humanistic perspective. Humanistic perspective is the individual’s ability to grow and develop as we go through life everyday. It focuses on the free will that we have and how we get to the path we chose ourselves. It has it’s assumption where one can control’s its own life with their unique way of handling life. Also, it’s their way of how they would understand the world and make sense out of it. The humanistic approach reminds me of being proactive and the belief that we are in control of our actions and a growth mindset which I think is really good for an individual to really focus on themselves rather than blaming others for negative things that are happening to them. I feel like other approaches does not really look at the individual as a whole and as an actual human being. They look at an individual as a subject for whatever experiments they’re trying to make a theory on. Also, the best part of being on the humanistic approach is that medicine or other things aren’t needed to “fix” that individual so it is more of a natural thing. I also feel like the psychologist themselves…

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