Humanism In Art

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Part 1:
Humanism:- This is known as the movement of intellectuals at the beginning of the Renaissance. They ultimately believed that humankind was good. Humanist believed that mankind was worth something and the intellectual knowledge had power. From the humanist movement came the reawakening of literature, history, politics, and ethics. Humanist additionally believed that love was very powerful, and that they should following their earthly needs and move past their medieval viewpoints on life.
Masaccio- Known as a Renaissance painter who commonly used illusionist techniques. He painted a number of fresco pieces in the Branacci chapel. The work considered his best from the chapel was the Tribute of Money. The topic of the piece is from Mathew,
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Known for painting the School of Athens, which is a depiction of Christina humanism. The artwork is made to seem like its contained within barrel vaulted ceilings. He uses many techniques in this pieces, including atmospheric perspective.
Jan Van Eyck- Was known as a painter that originated from the Flemish school. He was the creator of the Ghent Altarpiece and the Arnolfini Wedding. He was credited with the inventor of oil painting, and was known of bright variations of colors. atmospheric perspective –This is a technique used in artwork where when looking at a piece of artwork, the background becomes more difficult to see in the distance, creating an effect that there is depth and distance. This allows for the images in the “front” of the image to be clear and stand out more. This was created in Italy by Masaccio.
Leonardo da Vinci- Known during his time as the Universal man of the Renaissance. Da Vinci was a multi talented man, who was known for being inventor, civil and military engineer, architect, musician, geologist, botanist, physicist, anatomist, sculptor, painter. Was additionally known to look upon life with skepticism. Was the creator of The Last
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This took him 16 years to complete. Brunelleschi was originally a sculptor, but after loosing the competition to work on the north doors of the baptistery, he eventually started creating architecture.
Arnolfini Wedding- The Arnolfini Wedding is a painting created by Van Eyck. He was hired by Arnolfini, whom was a Italian merchant. This was meant to be Arnolfini’s proof of marriage.
Shakespeare –Was famous Renaissance writer, known for creating pieces such as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. Most of Shake spears work was written as tragedies and this reflected his view on mankind.
Palestrina- Was known as one of the greats who helped propel the Roman Catholic polyphonic music known to the Renaissance. Palestrina was fictionalized as poor struggling artist of the time, but in reality was a successful. After the death of his wife, considered priesthood, but later chose not to and married a widow. He was paid very well by the church to create music, and much of his music is used today as a guide for

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