Humanbecoming Case Study

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The theory of humanbecoming The theory of Parse focuses on viewing the human body as a whole not just body parts. It teaches a healthcare worker to view patients as important human beings that have a variety of necessities not just physical, but spiritual and emotional. The nurses and doctors in the GI lab have such an amazing way of interacting with every patient. They assess their emotional and spiritual well-being before starting the procedure. They demonstrate a passion for making sure the patient is comfortable and is treated with fairness. One of the patient’s was nervous, however the nurses and doctor took the time to talk to her and give her the comfort she needed at the time, her heart rate was increasing as it got closer to the procedure, but the doctor told her he was going to give her enough time until she felt better and that …show more content…
I was able to help the nurses by giving the patient their medication, taking their vital signs, placing leads, and talking to them to distract them from their stress of the procedure. I saw my nurses talk to the patients and families to keep them calm and reassure that they were going to be with them throughout the procedure and that was their way of helping them feel better and reduce their tension. What criteria were used to determine if the patient could be discharged home?
All the patients went home after one or two hours after the procedure was completed. The nurses immediately assess their vital signs and allow some time to awake them to assess their level of consciousness. One of the most important questions asked was if the patient had a designated driver and patient waited in the GI lab until family member arrived to picked them up and sign papers that they were responsible of driving them home. What discussions did you observe between the MD and the

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