Human Virome And Its Effects Essay

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The Human Virome and Its Effects

To understand the human virome, you first must look back to the human microbiome project funded by the National Institute of Health. The human microbiome project aims to characterize all of the microbes, including viruses, present in various sites on the body such as nasal passages, the skin, the gut, oral cavities, and the urogenital tract. By studying and defining the virome it will help us understand microbes and how they affect diseases and human health. Over the past few years our understanding of the human virome has grown tremendously. While we haven’t even scraped the surface of all that we can do with this information, our idea of what viruses do for us has significantly changed. Before the microbiome project was started, there was an assumption that viruses could only cause harm, but now that is all changing. Cataloging the human virome is not only helping us learn how to combat nasty viruses, but to the surprise of many, it is showing us that there are viruses living in harmony and even helping the human biome every day.
Cataloging the human virome has been of utmost importance to many scientist in determining the causes of certain illnesses and how much a particular virus is actually affect their illness. A study was done called Sequence Analysis of the Human Virome in Febrile and Afebrile Children in the lab of Gregory A. Storch (1). It is thought the viruses are the primary cause of illness in children under three years old.…

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