Human Values And Its Impact On Our Understanding Of The Universe

1226 Words Nov 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Looking at the advances of the human race for the last few hundred years, the advancements that have been made are truly astounding, which can be attributed to the human desire to improve living conditions and significantly enhance our understanding of the universe, as well as ourselves. The mechanism for getting from an age of difficult labor and harsh living conditions to the present technologically driven world of knowledge and possibilities is through engineering. Engineering has flourished through endless motivation to better humanity. Most engineers will claim they are motivated to work with cutting edge technology to develop devices or systems that solve problems that exist in our world, or that can make current ways of doings things significantly easier. This paper will present how human virtues motivate people to pursue high performance as engineers in their perspective fields, as well as how Texas A&M has aided in developing these virtues in its students to send out into industry to contribute to the developments and innovation made for humanity.
Engineering is positively viewed through aspirational ethics, focused largely on guidelines and motivating considerations accompanied with an individual 's expertise to promote human well-being. (CITE) This ethical thinking was first explored by Aristotle around 350 BC; he identified several factors that largely developed human virtue. The main focus on virtue, or Arete, is whatever makes a thing an “outstanding specimen”…

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