Human Use of Animals Essays

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Human Use of Animals: Summary and Critique
Charles Hall
Ivy Bridge College

In his interviews with both The Open University and The Colbert Report, Dr. Peter Singer discusses the unethical human use of animals. Most of his claims are highly controversial and are not taken well by most people.

Human Use of Animals: Summary and Critique
The use of animals in modern civilization has been a controversial subject for the past few decades. Author and Philosopher Peter Singer has made his standpoint clear on this particular subject. In his interviews with The Open University and Stephen Colbert he explains why he believes in what he does and gives his reasoning behind it.

Singer’s idea of what defines a person is, “a person is
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He seems to state that in a life threatening situation he would put the interests of a chimpanzee before he would a new-born child, when as far as he knows the human child could grow up to be a great leader or scientist, but just because that child is not yet aware that it is not a person and therefore is not as important as the chimpanzee. Singer states that, “a person is someone who is capable of suffering and therefore it would be wrong to kill them.” If an infant is not a person and therefore is not capable of suffering, then why do they scream and cry when they are injured?

Dr. Singer also states his view on the consumption of meat, saying that “Someone that eats meat is a speciesist because they do not take into account the feelings of the animal which they are eating.” (Singer 2008) Could we not say that every species on this planet is the same way? Wolves do not eat other wolves, though they kill prey animals like deer. Does the wolf think about the deer not living anymore? Of course it does not. The wolf is designed to kill other animals to survive. Human beings may not possess the natural tools for hunting but we evolved to a point where we could make our own tools for that job.

One could also argue that human beings are natural omnivores, which means that we evolved to eat plants as well as meat. From the archeological

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