Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking is a form of organized crime, in which people of all ages are taken from their homes to be exploited for sexual or labor purposes. The traffickers use fear and violence to get these people to come with them, and all they really want out of it is money. I will be using four main sources to gather my information. First I will give a general overview of two websites giving great depth into the topic of human trafficking. I will then summarize three case studies on human trafficking. Finally, I will give my views on the issue, and tell why it is such any important topic for the public to hear about.
Human trafficking is a growing problem in the world today, and will soon be the largest criminal industry in the world.
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Also, even if the people first consent to being trafficked, they quickly change their mind, but have no control over the situation.
The website gave a startling view at how bad the human trafficking industry is. Girls as young as seven are forced to have sex, and if they deny it, they are ruthlessly beaten. They are also threatened with death. There are three major ways that these young girls end up being trafficked. First, they could be sold into it by an elder family member. Secondly, they are often promised jobs and the start of a family if they go, and lastly, they are physically drug into it by the traffickers. Once these girls arrive in the brothels, run down prostitution houses, they are forced to begin making all the money they can for their owner. Some of the girls speak of having to take part in sex over twenty times a day. It is for this reason that the spread of the HIV virus is so massive, and that 80% of the trafficked girls in Bombay have HIV.
There are ways to help these girls, but it is not always easy. Some of the women who were formerly forced into the brothels are now becoming major aspects in saving many of these girls. A woman named Maili was trafficked at the age of 19, and now is risking her life to save girls through an underground railway. Another woman, Jyoti, lead a massive raid, getting two

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