Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking involves abducting and moving the victim against his or her will. Human trafficking is caused by the dangers of being in a foreign country and poverty. Both of these causes have the same effect: being a victim in human trafficking. Foreign vacationing or wanting to work in a foreign country is very common, but many people do not know the dangers of it.

Many people every year hope to go on vacation or dream about living on an island in a foreign country, but they do not understand the dangers in it. Foreigners are very easy to spot out, and that’s how traffickers get their hands on unsuspecting women and children. The traffickers stake out and sometimes drug the victims before they abduct them. Some
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She was deported to Albania (US department of state).
The other cause that I mentioned was the issue of being born into poverty. The problem with being born into poverty is that people become desperate and are willing to trust traffickers. When I talk about being born into poverty I am talking about children and women whose families’ income is not enough to support them all. This seems to be the case for many children and women in third world countries. Many of the victims become victims because they try to make a better life for themselves or their families. Most of the victims are very uneducated, which makes them even more vulnerable to the traffickers. Most of the victims are women and children (Murray). The countries that have victims of human trafficking are countries that usually have high unemployment. This makes potential victims targets because their traffickers know that the potential victims are desperate to get out of their situations. We watched a video in class about a young woman from Mexico whose son was ill and needed medication to live, so she brought him with her to cross the border. Another video was about three trafficked kids whose families needed them to make it across the border so that they could make money to send back to their families because there were either no jobs or their parents were sick.
As long as the mind is enslaved, the body can never be free. Psychological freedom, a firm sense of

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