Essay on Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking in China

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Abstract 1

Introduction 2

Situation of Human Trafficking in China 3

Causes 5

Possible Solution 7

Conclusion 8

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With globalization and regional integration, China is suffering human trafficking which need be effectively solved. Whatever adults or children are at risk of being trafficked and facing several problems namely
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Finally, the shortage of marriageable women has fueled the demand for the trafficking of women for forced marriages. In addtion, the cultural preference for sons leads to many boys are kidnapped for illegal adoption.
Moreover, “The lack of employment opportunities in rural areas coupled with the growth of the manufacturing and construction industries in cities has resulted in the large-scale rural-to-urban internal migration” (UNIAP China, 2011). The rural-to-urban internal imigration creates lots of stay-at-home children which their parents are both migrant wokers that could not take care children at home. It increases risk that children without protect from parents are kidnapped by traffickers. In the meantime, those kids’ parents could become targets of human traffickers for forced labor or forced into prostitution in this mass movement.

Possible Solution

Based on the analysis, there are some ideas to solve those problems. At first, it is duty of government that improving the legal system to against illegal human trade. To fight such crime effectively, severe punishment is needful among the triffickers. It is not enough that only Chinese police take action to fight against human trafficking. The attention to trafficking of adults and children should be nationwide. Inter-agency coordination on anti-trafficking initiatives is an effective way. In addition, increased funding for labor inspections can help to pay more attention on

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