Essay on Human Trafficking, Torture, And Neglect

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Thirty thousand people die from abuse, torture, disease, and neglect during human trafficking (“55 Little Known Facts About Human Trafficking”). Human trafficking affects all countries over the world, it is most severe in places where weak economy and little communications made to other cities are present. Traffickers exploit people over borders to force them into slavery in means of work, drugs, and sex. Trafficked victims range from children to adults, women to men, exploiters does not see their human form, they look only at the money that lies behind them. While their slaves work hard to survive, the exploiters sit back and count money made by trafficked victims, who does not get anything in return. Guatemala is a big source for human trafficking; because of its poor economy, their citizens are easier to to tricked into trafficking. Human trafficking imperialize 1,000,000 people on our planet by forcing them into a life of forced labor, drugs, and prostitution (Encyclopedia Britannica).
Human trafficking does not pick who the victims are, children and adults of both genders and different races are exploited into a life to serve their master. After traffickers physically controls their victims, they start to corrupt slaves’ minds, cutting off their hope of escape and survival without them. They cling onto their traffickers, relying on them to raise them, hoping to find the last hope of avoiding death. “Human trafficking is the transportation where the harboring individuals…

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