Human Trafficking: The Modern Slavery

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People assume that slavery ended during the 19th century, but this is not true. Slavery still exists in the contemporary world. Human trafficking is the modern-slavery form; it is a business held by traffickers in which they sell people to gain immense profit every day. It is generally comprehended as a process where individuals are being exploited, whether physically or mentally, for the purpose of economic benefits. Hence, trafficking may take place across borders or within a country. Women, children, and men are being trafficked for a lot of reasons, incorporating sexual abuse and labour exploitation. It is noteworthy to mention that human trafficking occurs in most of the countries and regions all around the world. However, this dilemma has flourished within the European Union since the borders were opened due to the Schengen
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Since that time, the traffickers have taken advantage of open borders and started transferring individuals from the third countries and the EU in order to force them to commit crimes in labour and

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